Bluebird KOSHAR Water Purifier

  • Bluebird KOSHAR Water Purifier
  • Bluebird KOSHAR Water Purifier
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Best for your Commercial Usage with the following features 1. Wall-mounting (Under Sink Storage/ Water cooler connection) along with aesthetically designed LED Display of Filter Life indicator and service alarm. 2. 7 -stages of water purification. 3. Suitable for any source of feed water (having TDS < 2000) like tap water, bore well water or storage tank water. 4. Combination of Reverse Osmosis and Silver Impregnated Post Carbon Filter. 5. Silver Impregnated technology to inhibit bacterial growth 6. Auto flush valve for flushing of impurities out of the membrane to enhance its life. 7. Automatic water level sensor for ON/OFF. 8. Product water meets IS 14543 for packaged drinking water Food Grade (FDA Compliant) ABS used for housing. 9. Leak Sensor